Cycle Carriers Yeovil

Are you planning on going on holiday? In need of a suitable cycle carrier in Yeovil? Towbar Company can supply you with premium quality cycle carriers made from premium raw materials. We can fit our cycle carriers to any make or model of the motor vehicle. Moreover, each one of our carriers is rigorously tested to ensure a long-life service.

We offer a fitting service so that if you cannot fit the carrier yourself, we can do it for you. So not only can you come to our store, but we can also come to visit you at home to fit around your schedule so you can sit back and relax while you prepare for your holiday.

If you are looking for the perfect cycle carrier, please call us on 07778 343 464 to receive a free quotation immediately. If you are unable to contact us during this busy period, you can fill out our ‘Contact Us form to request a call-back.

The Cycle Carriers Yeovil Specialists

Towbar Company is the number one cycle carrier specialist in Yeovil with over 25-years of experience. We provide you with the highest quality of bike rakes that can be sourced in Yeovil. Each of our bike racks is made from premium quality raw materials used by recognisable brands. We make sure that our bike racks are to the highest standards to ensure the safety of your bikes during transport.

Towbar Company continually tests the durability and strength of our bike racks to ensure you of long-lasting service. If you want to make sure that your new bike rack is fitted securely to your vehicle, we offer a fitting service where you can visit us in stores or come to you.

The Best Cycle Carriers Around

We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service to ensure safe and secure bike racks, so you can reach beautiful hidden spots that can only be reached by bike. In addition, we offer free immediate quotes to help match your required needs, offering affordable prices across our services.

Using raw materials of the highest quality, we can ensure that our bike racks can provide you with the highest standards to keep your bikes safe and secure whilst travelling. Well-known and recognised brands also use the materials that we use. With many brands charging you high prices, we make sure that we are the number one choice by ensuring that we can offer you affordable prices with matching, if not higher, quality bike racks.

We ensure that we have a marking-leading combination of over 25-years of experience at an affordable price. Meaning you can receive impeccable customer service without paying extortionate prices. With the choice to have one of our specialists fit the bike rack or for yourselves to do it, all our bike racks come with instructions to fit and remove as and when needed.

Cycle Carriers Yeovil

Other Services

Our specialities do not end with just bike rack but also several other services, such as:

We ensure that your vehicle is fitted with the highest quality of products to make travelling as stress and hassle-free as possible. We aim to make your comfort our number one focus.

Wiring Kits

At Towbar Company, we supply both seven-pin and thirteen-pin wiring kits; these can be found either as universal or tailored kits. Depending on needing a wiring kit, our team can help you choose the right one.

Suppose you are looking for a wiring kit that does not need much power but is efficient enough to provide power to towable trailers such as bikes, boats, regular trailers, horseboxes, and other small trailers. Then choosing a seven-pin socket will be the most beneficial to you. Be careful, though, as these sockets will need to open their drain holes as it is an open system. This allows water to escape so that it doesn’t get blocked or flooded, interrupting the connections.

If you are looking to tow larger trailers that need more power, such as caravans that carry fridges, other electrical goods as well as water pumps, then a 13-pin socket is ideal. Compared to the seven-pin socket, a 13-pin socket doesn’t require drainage as it is a closed system. This means that these sockets will last a considerable amount longer than the seven-pin due to the rubber seals. Thanks to the seals, they prevent the entrance of dirt and fluids that will disrupt and cause issues.

When choosing the right socket system, you must consider a variety of factors that are needed. For example, basic lighting such as brakes, indicators and reverse lights are best suited for seven-pin sockets. In contrast, constant power for trailers such as caravans needs a thirteen-pin socket. You will also need to consider whether wiring for deactivating rear parking sensors, fog lights and lamp substitutions. You can also use these sockets to implement trailer stabilisation programmes, control and indicator system failure checks, and many other features.

Once you have chosen the correct socket system, we can offer those as either tailored kits that fit the make and model of your vehicle or universal kits that you can use in many different cars. Our team of specialists will help you choose the correct type of kit for you as well as the right socket system.

At Towbar Company, we advise you to choose a kit tailored to the make and model of your vehicle so that you can use these sockets to the best of their capabilities and ensure that no complications are caused.

Due to technological advancements in cars, having a kit suited to your vehicle will be beneficial as this reduces any connection issues between the equipment and the system of your vehicle. Even a minor problem can cause the connection to the system to stop working or at least cause it to have faulty performances.

A tailored kit designed for your specific make and model can support the complexities of digital and electronic systems. In addition, due to your vehicle’s systems, you can access and programme the system onto the onboard computer. Meaning you have advanced control over the capabilities of your trailer.

Unlike the tailored kits, you can not programme the universal kit onto the onboard computer giving you less control over the capabilities. The universal wiring kits use an analogue that transmits all the basic and necessary electrical information that the trailer needs. Unfortunately, installations of universal kits are more complicated and have more complexities depending on your type of vehicle, as it could cause poor connections.

Mobile Towbar Fittings

Due to our specialities with various towbars, Towbar Company can offer a mobile service, whether you need a fixed or detachable towbar. Not only that, we offer a wide selection of accessories that support and are associated with the fittings of a towbar. In addition, with modern cars and other vehicles, we offer the latest wiring kits dedicated to fitting a towbar. These wiring kits can directly communicate with your vehicle managing systems with minimal to no faults.

Other than our universal kits, our wiring kits are made and fitted strictly to the manufacturer’s specifications, which minimalises any faults in communications. With a trusted team with over 25-years’ experience, you get the best-optimised wiring fitting and a team that is there to support you throughout the process.


If you need visual persuasion of our high-quality service, have a look at our gallery and see for yourselves. We ensure that each fitting that we have been contacted to do is to the highest standards possible so that each of our clients is completely satisfied and feel safe and secure with each of their desired fitting.

Why Come to Us for Our Cycle Carriers Yeovil?

We can ensure you that we are the number one company for you to come to us for our cycle carriers in Yeovil with exceptional reviews. The team at Towbar Company will be there on hand for your every cycle carrier fitting needs. We will help you choose the correct fitting for your vehicle and offer to install the carriers onto your vehicle. So with a market-leading combination of experience and affordability, why not choose us?

Having a safe and secure carrier should not be an added stress whilst you are travelling, and that is why we provide the best service within the industry. If you are worried about the cost of fitting a cycle carrier, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to receive a free quote immediately from a trusted specialist team that aims to help you.

We believe that prices shouldn’t increase with the experience of the specialists and the premium materials that we use but instead base it on the affordability of our clientele. In addition, Towbar Company wants to make sure that you transport your bike and trailers with minimal complications and safety.

The cycle racks we provide are made using premium quality raw materials used by recognised brands that offer higher prices than us. So whether you need a bike rack or fittings of a towbar or wiring, you can come to us or provide a service where we come to you. By using this service, not only are you gaining a specialist to fit your racks, wiring, or towbar, but it also allows you to be in the comforts of your own home for you to carry on with everyday life.

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Do you have a holiday approaching where you need a secure device to transport your bicycles? Towbar Company is more than happy to help you get the best cycle carriers that fit the make and model of your vehicle perfectly.

If you believe our cycle carrier services in Yeovil can offer you the perfect service, please call us on 07778 343 464 to receive a free quotation immediately. However, if you are unable to contact us during this busy period, you can fill out our ‘Contact Us form on our website to request a callback. Our professional team are there to help you get the perfect bike rack and provide you with impeccable customer service.