Mobile Towbar Fitting Service Basingstoke

If you’re about to embark on a caravan holiday or you’ve just purchased a trailer, you’ll need to invest in a brand-new towbar. Here at the Towbar Company, we stock a wide selection of towbars for all makes and models. We also offer a competitively priced fitting service, including a professional mobile towbar fitting service. Basingstoke customers looking to find out more should get in touch by calling us on 07778 343464. 

Professional Mobile Towbar Fitting Service in Basingstoke 

Cars don’t typically come with the means to tow trailers or caravans, so towbars must be added on after the fact. Here at the Towbar Company, we stock durable, well-crafted towbars designed to fit vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you wish to embark on a caravan holiday, tow a horsebox to an upcoming event, or use a trailer to transport rubbish to the local tip, you’ll need a towbar. And with our mobile towbar fitting service, Basingstoke customers need only call us, and we’ll come to them. 

For years, we’ve provided customers in Basingstoke mobile towbar fitting service expertise that’s second-to-none. Not only can we fit your new towbar, but we can also install the latest, dedicated wiring kits. These kits allow you to connect whatever you’re towing to your car’s onboard electronics, unlocking a variety of features. All wiring kits and towbars are fitted to meet all manufacturer specifications. 

The Best Mobile Towbar Fitting Service Basingstoke Has to Offer 

Our service is very straightforward, and we can fit both fixed and detachable towbars as standard. Simply give us a call, and we’ll talk you through our available selection of towbars. We can make helpful recommendations on which ones are right for you; we just need to know your car’s make and model. Once you’ve committed to a purchase, we’ll ask whether you’d like to come to us or for us to come to you to carry out our mobile towbar fitting service in Basingstoke. 

Simply choose the latter option and give us your address. We’ll then agree-upon a date and time that’s convenient for you. A member of our team will pop on over and get your new towbar fitted. As part of our mobile towbar fitting service, Basingstoke customers, we can also install a wiring kit. We’re happy to demonstrate the fitting process should you ever wish to remove the towbar.  

We do recommend that if you ever plan on removing and reattaching the towbar, you opt for a detachable variant. Otherwise, a fixed option is just as good. Entrusting the installation to our Bournemouth mobile towbar fitting service experts is your assurance of safety. You can tow caravans, horseboxes, trailers, and more, safe in the knowledge that everything will be nice and secure while in transit. 


Besides our professional mobile towbar fitting service, Basingstoke customers can acquire various accessories from us here at the Towbar Company. These include: 

  • Bluetooth-Enabled Phone Kits 
  • GPS Tracking Systems 
  • Cycle Carriers and Racks 
  • Rear Parking Sensors 
  • Towbar Attachments
  • And More! 

As you can see from the above list, we cater to more than just towbars. But as our name clearly implies, the supply and fitting of towbars is definitely the main thing we’re renowned for. For more information, give us a call today! 

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Why Should You Choose Our Basingstoke Mobile Towbar Fitting Service? 

Here at the Towbar Company, we’ve been helping customers with their towbar-related requirements and more for over 25 years. In that time, we’ve earned an enviable reputation thanks to our excellent service, top-quality products, and highly affordable prices. Road safety is very important, especially when you’re towing something like a caravan or horsebox. If anything should go wrong, you’re putting other motorists and yourself in serious danger. 

Thanks to our professional mobile towbar fitting service, Basingstoke customers will have peace of mind when towing anything along a busy road. And because of our mobile service, you won’t even have to bring your vehicle to us. Of course, bringing your vehicle to us is still an option, so make sure to specify which method you’d prefer when placing your order. 

We recognise that there are other companies out there that offer a mobile towbar fitting service in Basingstoke. If you’d like to shop around first, know that there’s no risk in enquiring with us as all our quotes are free of obligation. 

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So, for the best mobile towbar fitting service Basingstoke has seen, call the Towbar Company today on 07778 343464.