Towbar Cycle Carriers

If you’re planning a cycling holiday and want to avoid the hassle of hiring a bike, bring your own bike along for the ride. Here at the Towbar Company, we supply and fit an incredible range of towbar cycle carriers. All our carriers are built to a high standard and designed to carry one or more bikes safely and securely. For a FREE and immediate quote, call our team today on 07778 343464.

Your Go-To Supplier of High-Quality Towbar Cycle Racks

At the Towbar Company, we supply and fit quality towbar cycle carriers that enable you to carry your bike on the back of your vehicle. The UK has many great locations to explore, most of which are found off the beaten track. These locations are often hard to reach on foot or by car, necessitating the need to bring along a bike. While you could hire a bike, this is far from ideal.

The beauty of our towbar cycle brackets and carriers is that they eliminate this need entirely. Simply call up the Towbar Company, select a carrier from our range, and we’ll install it for you there and then. Our entire service is quick and affordable. Plus, we can even supply you with fitting instructions should you need to take the carrier off at the end of your trip.

To learn more about our incredible towbar cycle carriers, keep reading or give the Towbar Company a call today on 07778 343464.

The Number One Choice for Towbar Cycle Brackets and Carriers

When it comes to ensuring that our products are 100% adventure proof, we leave nothing to chance. We only ever supply towbar cycle carriers made using premium-quality materials. This is your assurance that, no matter what, your carrier will keep your bike securely fastened. What’s more, is that our carriers are built to avoid causing any damage to the vehicle to which they are mounted.

At the Towbar Company, all the towbar cycle racks that we supply are sourced from trusted brands. Such brands include:

  • Witter
  • Maxx Raxx
  • West Falia
  • Tow Trust

These racks all come with the manufacturer’s assurance of quality. Each one has been rigorously tested, so you can be assured that your new carrier will stand the test of time.

Quality Cycle Carriers

If you prefer to fit the carrier yourself, we supply all the necessary fitments and instructions to enable you to do this. If, however, you’d rather we did, know that we have you fully covered. Our professional team has many years of experience fitting towbar cycle carriers. So, you can be certain that everything will stay firmly attached while in transit – no panicking at the sight of your bike bouncing across the motorway.

Other Services

In addition to supplying and fitting towbar cycle carriers, our team also supply and fit towbars too. Whether you’re planning on towing a trailer, caravan, horsebox, or something else entirely; we’ll fit the appropriate towbar. We also supply a wide range of other products too, such as Bluetooth phone kits, GPS tracking systems, rear parking sensors, towbar accessories, and more.

For more information about any of our services, give the Towbar Company a call and speak with one of our friendly advisors.

Proud to Supply the Finest Towbar Cycle Carriers Around

For more than 25 years, the Towbar Company has been the company that people far and wide have chosen to get in touch with. Whether it’s to do with a towbar, a cycle carrier, or something else entirely; we’re committed to providing a service which is 100% reliable. We’re also driven to make our services as affordable as possible. No breaking the bank when you purchase your towbar cycle racks from us.

Our experts are always on hand to deliver a top-notch service. Once you’ve made your selection, you can sit back and relax while we get everything fitted and tested. Such is our commitment to providing an exemplary service; we’re always looking for ways to go that extra mile. We can even come to you to fit your towbar or towbar cycle brackets and carriers.

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