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Are you looking to have a towbar fitted to your vehicle? Then you need to come to the Towbar Company as we’re the premier supplier for those seeking a towbar in Bournemouth. We supply an impressive range of options and can fit these to any make or model. All our stocked products are made from premium-quality materials and come from leading brands. Should you wish to find out more, all you need to do is call us on 07778 343 464.

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Towbars are an essential accessory for any vehicle owner who wishes to pull something, from a trailer to a caravan or even another vehicle. The basic premise of a towbar is that it works by connecting whatever is being towed to the road vehicle (RV) by means of a metal bar that pivots. This pivoting action allows for limited movement, which permits smoother towing capability. Not all towbars are made equal, however. If you want to find the best towbar in Bournemouth, look no further than the Towbar Company.

We’re the leading stockist of top-quality towbars and other accessories produced by trusted and renowned brands. You’ll get quality at affordable rates along with a handy fitting service, so you won’t have to do a thing. Plus, we supply Bournemouth towbar attachments that come with full fitting instructions. This way, you can always remove and reattach your towbar at a later date if needed.

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A towbar is a fairly straightforward attachment but one that is necessary for towing anything from a trailer to a caravan or horsebox. Without a towbar, you cannot safely, legally, or even practically tow anything. In emergencies, a rope can be used to tow another car, for example, out of a ditch. But beyond this, a rope is neither safe, practical, or legal. Besides, it could easily inflict damage by attaching it to parts of the car not designed for towing.

With a towbar, Bournemouth customers, it’s designed with this whole process in mind. Yet even towbars can let you down if you choose the wrong one. First, not all towbars are made equal, and like with anything, there are good quality options that won’t let you down. There are also cheap options that’ll surely cause problems. Another issue is choosing the right towbar for your vehicle and ensuring it’s installed correctly.

At the Towbar Company, not only do we recommend the right towbar in Bournemouth for your vehicle’s make and model, but we can fit it too. As mentioned above, all our towbars are supplied from leading brands, including:

  • Witter Towbar Systems
  • Brink
  • Westfalia
  • Tow-Trust Towbars

So, when you come to our Bournemouth towbar specialist, you can be confident of receiving the right towbar for your needs, installed by highly trained professionals.

If you need something other than a towbar, in Bournemouth, we supply other products too, ranging from cycle carriers to rear parking sensors and wiring kits.

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What Makes Us the Number One Bournemouth Towbar Supplier and Fitter?

When it comes to having a new towbar installed, you should never opt for second-best. Cheap products have this nasty habit of falling apart, and this can be especially catastrophic if it occurs on a motorway while in transit. At the Towbar Company, we don’t just stock any old products. We’ve carefully built relationships with brands we trust to deliver quality products, making us the go-to company for a towbar in Bournemouth.

Not only do we promise you the best towbar, Bournemouth has to offer, but we’re also here to help if you’ve no towbar fitting experience. Again, this is something which if done incorrectly, could have serious consequences. The good news is that only do we fit towbars, but all the towbars we stock come with full fitting instructions. And we’ll be more than happy to give you a quick demo, so you know what to do for future reference.

When choosing to have a new towbar installed, don’t settle for some cheap and nasty product that’ll fall apart when in use. This can be hazardous to you and other motorists, especially if something as large as a caravan comes loose while in transit. At the Towbar Company, we supply only the best quality towbars, and as the top Bournemouth towbar specialist, we provide a professional fitting service too.

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