Wiring Kits

If you are looking for wiring kits to hook up a trailer and have the electrical systems powered up properly, then you are in the right place. The Towbar Company has a wide range of wiring kits available at fantastically competitive prices. Whether you are looking for a make and model specific kit or a universal one, you can be sure the right one is in our inventory.

While we do offer universal kits, it is always advisable to use vehicle-specific wiring kits. This ensures there is no confliction between the kit and the systems of the vehicle. Sometimes, if there is a minor confliction, it can cause some of the systems to stop working or work incorrectly on the trailer.

Vehicle Specific

The biggest difference between the two types of kit is that a vehicle specific kit is designed to support the complex digital and electrical systems of that vehicle. This means that they can be accessed from and programmed to the onboard computer. This gives you advanced control over the operational capabilities of your trailer, as opposed to the universal kits.

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Universal Kits

In a disparity, a universal wiring kit uses analogue signals to transmit the necessary electrical information to use the basic systems in the trailer. This does, however, mean that the kit cannot be programmed or accessed from the onboard computer. They can still transmit signals to use the rear taillights, so indicators, brake lights, and reverse lights will still work.

Additionally, the installation of the universal kits can be made more complex by the host vehicle being badly supported by the kit. This will require workarounds and a more knowledgeable fitter to install the kit successfully.

7-Pin Socket

If you have something to tow that doesn’t need a great deal of power, then a 7-pin socket is ideal. It is an efficient means of providing power to small towable devices, such as:

Bike Carriers


Boat Trailers


And Others

7-Pin sockets are an open system, which means to need to ensure that the drain holes are open to allow water to escape. They can get blocked, which will cause the socket to flood and can interrupt the connection.

13-Pin Socket

If you are planning to attach and tow a caravan, then you will undoubtedly need a 13-pin connection. A caravan uses more power than a standard trailer, and the 13-pin connection is specifically designed to accommodate this increased power requirement. Caravans have accessories, such as fridges, lighting, a water pump, and more, so they will require extra power.

Unlike the 7-pin sockets, the 13-pin system is closed, which means it doesn’t require drainage and will last for years thanks to its rubber seals. These seals prevent the ingress of dirt and fluids, which will inhibit the connection and cause issues during operation.

If you would like more guidance on choosing the best wiring kit from our broad and comprehensive selection, then call us at your earliest convenience on +44 (0) 1952 608 750. The Towbar Company’s experienced and knowledgeable team will happily take you through the options and give you impartial expert advice.

Features Available

The right type of connector is vital, so let our experts help you choose the best option for your vehicle and requirements. Choosing the most suitable wiring kit means that you can take advantage of features that include:

Basic Lighting - brakes, indicators, and reverse lights

Constant Power – required for caravans

Deactivate Rear Parking Sensors – the trailer can set them off if they aren’t switched off

Fog Light Deactivation

Trailer Stabilisation Programme

Check Control and Indicator Failure Systems (C2 Control)

Lamp Substitution – defective lights are detected and an alternative is switched on

And More!

There are many other support features as well, such as adaptive cruise control, and others, which will make your journey even better.

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